The Interim House

Suburban Single Family Home Pastel Prairie Style Home Autumn USA
The Dream

Pemberley, Tara, the farmhouse in Jennifer Crusie’s Welcome To Temptation, countless lovingly restored Victorians in countless novels, the Weasley family’s Burrow … I love houses. My path in life was meant to include a beautiful old house on an acre or so of woodsy land where I would put down roots and live out all my days.


Or so I thought.


abandoned old house
The Reality?

The Ex and I moved eleven times in our twenty-two year relationship. Some were the annual post-college schlep from one rental to another, but there were also cross-state and cross-country moves. The closest I came to the dream was a one-hundred-year-old, fixer-upper farmhouse in semi-rural New England. That house—underneath its loud floral wallpaper and bright blue woodwork—was lovely with its high ceilings and huge windows and honest-to-goodness barn with a hayloft. One area or another was always torn-up as we worked our way through a remodel we’d never finish. Job changes necessitated another move and our marriage had already been dealt two deathblows; I didn’t yet recognize them as mortal wounds, convinced, as always, we could Work Through It if we tried hard enough.

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